Sunday, April 15, 2012

an open heart.

Right now we are in a food crisis in Bulabakulu. Yes, can you believe it? There actually are places in the world that are not able to eat every day. We had temporarily cut back to one meal a day of “posho” and beans and porridge in the morning, until last Wednesday…when we completely ran out of food.

The Lord has provided three meals a day since Wednesday! An undeserved miracle for our village! We are unsure when this crisis will be alleviated (via a sustainable income). Therefore I am writing you today and asking that you pray about God using YOU to be tangible love in these people’s lives through the purchase of food.

For a mere $60 US dollars you can feed 100+ people three meals for one day! I understand this is not sustainable, however we are still moving forward with the greenhouse that will solve any future food crisis problem. If you would like to buy food for the village please donate on the right side of this blog. Just click on the yellow “donate” button and specify the donation for “food crisis”.

I didn’t want to mention this next need until later, but as usual God has nothing but impeccable timing when He wants to get ‘er-done.
So today, out of obedience, I am writing to you with an open heart.

Almost 3 weeks ago Joshua (my contact and friend) approached me and began to tell me about a serious need he wanted me to fill in the Wakiso district of Uganda, a babies home. Yes, you read that right and are probably overwhelmed with emotions, as was I. My heart was overwhelmed and excited and just speechless. But my head and all logical reasoning was pulling the plug on even entertaining the idea. So I just sat on this information. I wanted to pray and dream and think about the possibilities, but to be honest I was just too nervous about what the Father might require of me. So I just ignored it; trying to reconcile the differences between my heart and head.

To make a long story short (which I don’t do often), the Lord has given me and some others affirmation to move forward with His dream of an orphanage in the Wakiso district. To be honest, the Lord is opening doors quicker than I alone can walk through them. In fact we have been offered a piece of land at $5,125 US dollars (this includes the land title and processing fees). The owner has agreed to hold the land until this Saturday; with the understanding we pay a down payment of $3350 US dollars.
This dream of His is HUGE and we cannot do it alone. So I ask you to join me and many others in prayer over this dream; that we would be obedient when it is uncomfortable, courageous when following in faith, and refract all admiration to the Father who deserves it.

I could go on and on about how I feel about all of this, but the truth is, it is not about me, not on ounce. If you would like to give towards buying land for the babies home, please direct your payments via pay-pal by clicking on the yellow “donate” button on the right-side of this page—be sure to denote “babies home land”.

If you would like ANY further information on any of these matters or an alternate method to give money, PLEASE contact me via commenting on this blog thread or email at:  

I want to leave you with this verse:
“YES LORD walking in the way of Your truth, we wait eagerly for You, for Your name and Your renown are the desire of our souls” Isaiah 26:8



  1. I hope you don't mind -
    but I am on an Art website, it's some what like a social network but surronde by creations of artist -
    Anyways I posted the link of your blogg there, in hope that someone will click on it and donate.

    Good Luck
    I'll continue praying for you


  2. God always knows what He's doing, sweet girl. Being obedient to His desires always trumps everything else: our nervousness, our fears, that uncomfortable feeling of not owning control...
    My prayer is that God gives you the strength and the faith to continue walking through the doors He appears to be opening so quickly.
    Oh, the wonderful things He must have in store!
    I love you. xoxoMomxoxo

  3. Arielle,
    I was so glad to find through your FB that you started a blog! Following blogs about others' work in missions is one of my secret obsessions, haha. I love reading your stories of how God is working through you in Uganda. When I read this post about starting a baby home or orphanage, I got so excited for you!! That is so incredible. I cannot wait to keep reading along with you as you continue on God's journey for your life. It is so encouraging to me to be able to see someone a few years older than me doing what I hope to do someday also, in some similar capacity. You are definitely in my prayers!
    ~Olivia Osley

  4. Are the babies really orphans? Oh, how I wish it wasn't so expensive to adopt. I want a child so badly. I just keep praying.

  5. Arielle, I don't know you but I am so thankful that you have heard God's call on your life and responded in obedience. We heard your story at TBA this past Sunday and I looked at your recent blog. I'm so blessed to know that there are young adults in our presence that aren't consumed by the materialistic entitlement world of the US today and can set aside themselves to go and help others at a sacrifice to themselves. May God's richest presence, peace and wisdom be yours through your journey. Thank you!!

  6. This is fun to read now on the 24th after these needs have been met :)

    Love Dad
    or Love, Dad.