Thursday, February 21, 2013

favorite memories- spring 2012

I compiled some of my favorite memories on my flight back to the States last spring, but never posted it.
so here it goes...

favorite memories from Uganda- Spring 2012

-reading Alpha bible stories under the mosquito net at the hospital

-late nights on Immy's floor, eating rumonday and catching up on life

-realizing my community loves me just as much as I love them; when, without asking, some of the girls offered to give me some of their precious water to bathe so I didn't have to walk to to the next community over and pump a jerrycan or go without bathing. What once felt like a one way commitment, was now a two way friendship.

-helping the matron wash on a slow afternoon

-Praying flat on my face that the Lord would fill up my soul to be emptied again. And yet I stood amazed when I walk out of my room filled to the brim and immediately confronted with an opportunity to pour out the Jesus inside me... all. over. again. Smiling a goofy smile and laughing to myself. sweet moments.

-sitting on the steps of my front porch with 6 year old Jackson watching the sunrise to the left and an intense lightening storm over Kampala to the right; knowing his favorite subject is science.

-bed-time bible stories on my front porch; watching their faces totally captivated and enthralled by the living word of God.

-praying with the 10-12 year old boys in their dorm before bed.

- Having courage to act and words to speak when situations seemed too messy and i didn't know what to say or do

- sitting with Favour in the kitchen, picking through rice, singing 'this is my story, this is my song'

- receiving my african name on the last day before i went to the airport; Nza, Mirembe. (I am Peace)

not all of my favorites, but I think I fell asleep after that last one.
can't wait to get back.

with a full heart,


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