Sunday, February 5, 2012


The muzungu has arrived! (muzungu is "white person" in Luganda). My trip has been nothing short of awesome and I praise God for that! soak that last statement in, because i am sure it will become hard.

My journey started with my lovely family dropping me off at the airport.

even Nana came!
I flew to Philadelphia. I did not eat a Philly cheese steak.

Then to Brussels, Belgium. I bought bread from a man there and said "do you speak-a-my language?"
He just smiled.

My chocolate croissant
Then off to Rwanda!
I arrived in Uganda 27 hours and one day later.

I received ALL THREE of my bags upon arrival in the country, a miracle I'm telling you!  And nothing was stolen! craziness.  One of my best friends from my previous trip, Rochelle, picked me up from the airport.  She lives here indefinitely now with her husband Charles and baby to be! She is 6 months pregnant and is such a trooper!

she is opening a gift for baby Eludai :)
I will stay at Rochelle's for a couple more days before heading to the village in Wakiso. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Jinja and I am adjusting much better than expected. It is so surreal being back! Thank you for your prayers.

check out these lyrics from a song i found on my ipod last night:
            "You are what I long for. When it's You and I my heart can sing. When it's You and I my  
              soul is free."  --Oceans Above "You and I"

When it's You and me, Lord. :)



  1. Sooo happy that you're with Rochelle together! Proud of you, take care sweetheart! xxoo

  2. yeah....this first week has been one with tears when I think of you! Love you to pieces. So glad your arrival was smooth and safe.

  3. Woooot! You are such a natural...bouncing countries like you have a direct line to Baby Jesus or something! Share is extension, PLEASE!! :D

  4. So glad to hear your there! God is using you to challenge me in my walk right thanks for that!

  5. i love you guys, thanks for reading :)

  6. So excited to keep up with your journey. God is going to do great things so get ready! You rock.

  7. That is so awesome! I love that you have this blog..and thank goodness you got comments! that was our main concern ;)

    p.s. YUM dad croissant looks delish!!!

  8. ...and gave you a vegemite sandwich?